Meta Platforms and Nvidia Are Leading the S&P 500 This Year, but Are They Buys Now?

There have been few better stocks to own than Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) and Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: META) in 2023, as each is up over 80% since 2023 began. However, when we last heard from Meta, it wasn't optimized for profits, which skews the P/E ratio. Read More...


These 9%-Yielding Dividend Stocks Are Too Cheap to Ignore, Analysts Say

Some combinations are hard to beat. Sun and beer, C-3PO and R2-D2, cream cheese and bagels – all work together in perfect unison. You can throw into that list high yielding dividend stocks and a cheap share price. In the stock market, that’s about as potent a combination you can get. Why is that? Well, first off, you can’t really go wrong with dividend stocks. Investors have the potential to earn returns even if the share price goes down, which is not common elsewhere. And when the price does go

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