Meta Stock Slides on Disappointing Results and a Weak Forecast

Recent weak results from Snap and Twitter had already pointed to a tough quarter for the parent of Facebook and Instagram. Read More...


Meta weighs downgrading COVID-19 misinfo policy to labels and demotion instead of removal

Facebook, no stranger to misinformation on its platform, attempted an uncharacteristically bold move as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold around the world: instead of merely labelling posts that discouraged vaccination and/or spread COVID-19 conspiracy theories about masks, social distancing and other themes, it would remove that content altogether — a big step, considering how often engagement (good or bad) trumps just about everything else in its business. Parent company Meta is exploring whether it should halt its removal policy, instead reverting to labels and algorithmic demotion “either directly or through our third-party fact-checking program” when those kinds of posts come up. Nick Clegg, the former UK politician who is now the company’s president of global affairs, notes in a blog post that Meta has asked its Oversight Board — the group formed by the company to act as an independent auditor of content decisions and moderation made on Facebook and Instagram, to provide regular reports on activity and proactively make calls as well as respond to appeals, which just got a fresh $150 million in funding from Meta to keep operating — for advice on whether to reconsider those measures, given the wider downgrading of COVID-19 measures many countries have also gone through “as many, though not all, countries around the world seek to return to more normal life.”

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