Microsoft Investigates Issue Taking Down Teams, Outlook for Many Users

Microsoft early Wednesday said it was investigating reports of outages to services including Teams and Outlook, as thousands of users reported being unable to access the products. Microsoft (MSFT) said it was rolling back a network change that it believed was causing the outages and it is monitoring the service. “Any user serviced by the affected infrastructure may be unable to access multiple Microsoft 365 services,” Microsoft said in a service-health update on its website. Read More...


Microsoft cloud outage hits users around the world

Microsoft Corp on Wednesday was hit with a networking outage that took down its cloud platform Azure along with services such as Teams and Outlook, potentially affecting millions of users globally. Azure’s status page showed services were impacted in Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. An outage of Microsoft’s cloud computing platform Azure can impact a variety of services and create a domino effect as almost all of the world’s largest companies use the platform.

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