Microsoft Pledges to Bring Activision’s Call of Duty to Nintendo. It’s Sending a Message to Sony.

Microsoft is seeking to address antitrust concerns over its planned $75 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard. Read More...


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Meet The Mysterious $7.3B NYSE-Traded Company Behind The World’s Most Important Video Games

By Juan Lomanto You may have seen an office building or two with the word “Globant” in big letters, no matter where you are. From Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Monterrey and New York, to Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris and many other cities around the world, Globant is present. But what you probably never knew is that this is a $7.3 billion market cap company that works with many of the world’s leading video games. And that it is an Argentinian company. What’s Globant? Globant SA (NYSE: GLOB) was foun

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