Microsoft Revenue Growth Stays Low as Economic Concerns Hurt Demand

Microsoft said its growth remained subdued last quarter as economic concerns cooled consumer demand and corporate orders for the company’s software and cloud services. The cloud-computing business, the engine of Microsoft’s growth in recent years, has been decelerating after years of expansion. The company said revenue in its Azure cloud-computing business rose 27% in the latest quarter. Read More...


Goldman Sachs Likes These 2 Top Dividend Stocks Yielding as High as 10%

Market indicators have been sending conflicting signals lately, creating uncertainty among investors. While year-to-date gains are certainly better than last year’s bear, and volatility, while a concern, has run lower than last year, plenty of risk factors still remain, both in the broader economy and in the stock market. Taking a wider view of the markets, Christian Mueller-Glissman, head of asset allocation research for Goldman Sachs, gives investors a nudge toward a more defensive posture. Ex

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