Microsoft Stock Breaks Out After Software Giant Adds AI To Office Apps

Microsoft stock hit a buy point on Friday after announcing that it is adding artificial intelligence tools to its popular Office productivity applications. Read More...

The Wall Street Journal

Mary Hilton, Champion of Cloth Diapers, Dies at 85

Around the time that Procter & Gamble was introducing Pampers in the early 1960s, Mary Hilton and her husband, William Hilton, had a different idea: They decided to go into the business of laundering cloth diapers. For the next 40 years, Ms. Hilton fought a valiant rearguard action against P&G and other makers of disposable diapers. Ms. Hilton, who took charge of the company after her husband died in 1978, became one of the biggest operators in a mostly mom-and-pop business and a spokeswoman for diaper-cleaning trade groups.

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