Microsoft’s ChatGPT investment is what ‘you want to see from a mega-cap tech name,’ strategist says

Robert Stimpson Co-CIO Oak Associates Funds joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss Microsoft’s investment in ChatGPT and AI, the softening cloud business, as well as how Elon Musk's Twitter venture is affecting Tesla stock. Read More...


Patience Is Required If You’re Going to Trade AT&T: Here’s the Play

On Wednesday morning, AT&T , or “Telephone” as traders once referred to the company in the way they once referred to McDonald’s as “Burgers”, released the firm’s fourth quarter financial results. For the three-month period ended December 31st, AT&T posted GAAP EPS of a loss of $3.20. A total of $3.81 per share worth of adjustments were made, primarily ($3.57) for impairments, abandonments, and restructuring.

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