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Mutual Funds Weekly: These money and investing tips look at what’s driving the markets right now

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3 S&P 500 sectors say a new bull market is near. These 8 stocks are top picks.

Financials and industrials typically perform best at the end of bear markets. Read More

This ETF designed to protect against inflation is attracting inflows as price pressures persist

Signs of moderating U.S. inflation haven’t kept some investors from worrying that price pressures will stick around at elevated levels.   Read More

Stocks typically fall after the VIX hits the ‘overbought’ level it’s at now

Market headwinds are still strong despite Thursday’s rally, writes Lawrence McMillan. Read More

This one radical change to your stock research will revolutionize the results

Including intangible assets when analyzing stocks’ valuation dramatically boosts a company’s profitability. Read More

Inflation can fall for months, even years, before a new bull market boosts stocks

U.S. inflation has peaked but the stock market is still looking for a bottom. Read More

‘I’ve seen people do stupid things all my life’: Warren Buffett doubles down on his long-held bitcoin and crypto views

In an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Warren Buffett again shared his thoughts on bitcoin and crypto. Read More

Buffett is buying in Japan. This overseas value-stock fund is also making bets there. Is it a good way to diversify?

The Columbia Overseas Value Fund is an example of an active management style of running a portfolio that doesn’t mirror a stock index. Read More

Warren Buffett ups exposure to Japanese trading houses and flags geopolitics in cut of Taiwan Semi stake

Geopolitical tensions played a role in Warren Buffett’s decision to cut Berkshire Hathaway’s stake in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the legendary investor said. Read More

These five Wall Street veterans have 230 years of combined experience. Here’s why they are bearish on stocks.

A group of former Merrill Lynch strategists shared their views in a roundtable discussion about investing, markets and the economy. Read More

You’re probably missing out on recent gains from non-U.S. stocks. Here’s why that needs to change.

U.S. stocks are overvalued relative to non-U.S. stocks, and will be even less attractive if the dollar weakens. Read More

This small-cap stock fund shows how you can get your money’s worth paying for active management

Actively managed stock funds can be highly differentiated from indexes, and the SouthernSun Small Cap Fund is a good example. Read More

75% of Americans who know about crypto are not confident in its safety or reliability, survey finds

At least 88% of U.S. adults know something about cryptocurrencies, but three-quarters say they don’t trust their safety and reliability, according to a new survey. Read More

The Supreme Court must uphold this democratic way for companies to IPO

Direct listings offer clear benefits to companies and their shareholders. Read More

Social Security deficits are not the biggest worries retirees face

Putting the Social Security actuarial deficit in context. Read More

Thinking about investing in alternatives? Ask these 6 questions first.

After a year like 2022, when both stocks and bonds went down, it was pretty much a slam dunk that Wall Street would step up the marketing of alternative assets that might act differently — the next time around. Read More

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