Netflix delays account sharing crackdown after ‘cancel reaction’

Netflix has pushed back the planned US rollout of its closely watched attempt to crack down on account sharing, a move it expects will weigh on memberships and revenues as it seeks to improve the quality of the new service. Netflix said in a letter to shareholders that the “paid sharing” service — which lets customers share their account with people outside their household for a fee — had resulted in a “cancel reaction” after it was launched in some markets including Canada and Spain. According to Morgan Stanley estimates, Netflix could potentially convert 20-30 per cent of those to paying members. Read More...


These 2 Red-Hot Stocks Could Reach New Highs, Says Goldman Sachs

If there’s one piece of consistent advice that every investor gets, it’s to never try to ‘time’ the market. Don’t try to buy or sell just at the stock’s inflection point when the momentum turns, because those turning points are impossible to predict. However, when it comes to the stock’s momentum during an upward run, it’s an entirely different tale altogether. Buying in while a stock is on a red-hot run, building momentum, is not only possible, it’s far easier than trying to time a turning poin

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