Now That The Mueller Report Is Over We Expect To See Stock Market Gains.

This has zero to do with politics but the fact that the Mueller Report is a big win for Trump. The shift of the narrative of the Democrats from collusion to obstruction shows how desperate they are. The Report exonerated Trump and hes going to have alot of political capitol in the coming months. Trump looks at the Dow Jones and S & P 500 stocks as well, Trump is a Stock Market wonk as far as presidents go. He cares about the economy more than any one issue, even immigration.

I fully expect a trade deal to be made with China. One that will protect American interests from abroad and bring back even more manufacturing jobs. I know this sounds like a Pro-Trump rant but the fact is hes going to be able to get some stuff done. I would expect a infrastructure bill that will have bi-partisan support and will produce a ton of shovel ready jobs that Trump absolutely stays up at night thinking about. Make no mistake about it, Trump is going to spend alot of money on USA projects now. Hes not a small government typical republican. He has no problem increasing the deficit.

I expect this Bull Market to have another leg on it as we have a couple of short term wins for the American Economy on the horizon.

Im buying SPY today. I do not think ill hold it for more than a month. Im just looking for 8%.