Nvida Will Seek EU Approval for Arm Deal: Report

Nvidia expects to make the request in early September. The chip maker also must get approval for the $40 billion acquisition from China, the U.S., and the U.K. Read More...


Microsoft Warns Cloud Customers of System Flaw. What to Know

Data from some of Microsoft ‘s largest corporate customers may have been exposed to intruders due to a systems flaw, but the tech giant said there was no evidence the issue has been exploited by malicious actors. Internal emails and information from a cybersecurity researcher showed a flaw in Microsoft ‘s cloud-computing database with the potential to allow hackers to read, change or even delete companies’ main databases, Reuters reported. The issue was discovered in Microsoft Azure’s flagship Cosmos DB database and was flagged by a research team at Wiz, a security company which discovered it was able to access keys to control access to databases held by thousands of companies, according to Reuters.

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