NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang weighs in the Fed hiking interest rates

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell raising interest rates by another quarter point Wednesday, against the backdrop of chaos in the banking sector. In a wide ranging interview, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang told Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman and Dan Howley how the change in rates would affect the chipmaking business. "This is the time when we all have to do more with less," Jensen said, "and accelerated computing is really the best path forward to do so." Key Video Moments0:38 - Refactoring software to save money0:55 - Accelerating software for data processing1:07 - Reducing carbon footprints in computer processing Read More...


‘Load Up,’ Says Raymond James About These 3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks

The last few weeks have been rocky, with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, and the crypto-heavy Silvergate and Signature banks, dominating the headlines. For a short time, it seemed that the contagion would spread to the global financial giants. Now, however, it appears that we’ve managed to avoid a true banking crisis – and Raymond James’ chief investment officer Larry Adam has pointed out several reasons why. For starters, Adam notes that Credit Suisse, despite its troubles, found a way out

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