Nvidia’s $329 Billion Surge Helped By Artificial Intelligence

Nvidia recovered nearly all the market cap it lost last year as the chipmaker's stock surged by 94.3% year-to-date on a promising outlook of its artificial intelligence capabilities. The semiconductor company and its shareholders went from a nightmare to a celebration during the span of the past three and a half months. Now, Nvidia has a more positive outlook as its AI capabilities have helped it recover nearly all the market value it lost last year. Read More...

The Wall Street Journal

GlobalFoundries Files Trade-Secrets Lawsuit Against IBM

GlobalFoundries has filed a lawsuit accusing International Business Machines Corp. of misappropriating its trade secrets. Filed in New York federal court, the suit alleges that IBM illegally disclosed GlobalFoundries’ intellectual property to IBM’s partners, including Intel and Japan’s state-backed chip maker Rapidus, after IBM sold its chip business to GlobalFoundries in 2015. Semiconductor company GlobalFoundries said that although the companies jointly developed the technology at issue over decades in Albany, N.Y., it had the sole and exclusive rights to license and disclose the technology as part of the 2015 sale.

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