Nvidia’s run, IRS loophole targeted and McDonald’s value meal

Nvidia, Microsoft and Apple are racing against each other to hold onto the world's largest company title. As tech rockets higher, new signals suggest the U.S. consumer is facing tougher times. Read More...

U.S. consumers are showing signs of strain, including Olive Garden customers.

Stocks hover at records but end the week little changed.

Nvidia, Microsoft and Apple are the new trillion dollar trio.

The Winklevoss twins give former President Trump a bitcoin boost.

IRS looks to close popular loophole.

EV maker goes belly up.


McDonald’s big meal reveal.

Pizza Hut locations abruptly closed in one state.

Rite Aid is closing more stores as its works through Chapter 11.

Tupperware’s troubles continue.

CONSUMER CRUNCH?: Several signals this week point to a consumer under pressure, including a key spending reportcontinue reading here. And Olive Garden is also feeling the squeeze…continue reading here.

FOX BUSINESS EXCLUSIVE: New York Federal Reserve President John Williams on the economy and the election.

STOCKS SEESAW: The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite pumped up new records but ended the week little changed, as did the Dow Jones Industrial Average…more on the markets.

VIDEO: How to invest with inflation sticking around.

TRIO TRILLION: Nvidia overtook Microsoft as the world’s largest company but the two, along with Apple, remain neck-and-neck…continue reading here. Also, a big tech ETF rebalanced on Friday giving Nvidia a more prominent positioncontinue reading here. Apple shares celebrated a new record high…more on Nvidia.

VIDEO: Why Nvidia’s monster stock rally has legs.


TWICE AS NICE: Bitcoin proponents Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss endorsed former President Trump and the twins are giving him a Bitcoin windfall for his campaign…continue reading here.


HEADS UP: The IRS is moving to close a loophole popular with the wealthy…continue reading here.

HITS THE SKIDS: This EV maker is going belly-up as it runs out of cashcontinue reading.

MEAL REVEAL: McDonald’s widely anticipated value meal will debut next weekcontinue reading here.

PROBLEMS: A string of more than a dozen Pizza Hut restaurants in one Midwest state suddenly closed up shop earlier in the month…continue reading here.

RIP: Rite Aid, in the midst of bankruptcy, will close more stores…continue reading here.

END OF AN ERA: Once a staple in every U.S. kitchen, Tupperware is now in trouble and will close its last U.S. factory…continue reading here.

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Original article source: Nvidia’s run, IRS loophole targeted and McDonald’s value meal

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