Office workers embrace hybrid working as post-pandemic norm

People across the world’s largest economies have not gone back to pre-Covid commuting patterns, data shows Read More...


U.S. container imports tumble as supply stress gives way to slack

After more than two years of surging demand, the volume of container imports coming through U.S. ports has tumbled sharply, raising questions about where a sector once tracked as a supply-chain stress point will hit bottom. Container import volumes across all U.S. ports hit an all-time high in May and pulled back slightly before plunging in August and September. The question is whether the trendline – an indicator for strength of consumption, the wider economy and trade – flattens out in the coming months, relieving a source of supply-chain distress that had driven prices higher, or whether the boom turns to an outright bust with a potential recession looming, analysts told Reuters.

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