Omicron: Delta is an example of ‘what happens to markets,’ strategist says

Main Street Asset Management CIO Erin Gibbs joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the 2022 growth expected for the S&P 500 and how market reactions to the Delta variant could be a model for analysts to follow for Omicron. Read More...


Four life lessons boiled down from a long career in financial journalism

In early 1984, I entered the Forbes building on lower Fifth Avenue in Manhattan for the first time, and I was scared. Forbes broke landmark stories on securities fraud, the burgeoning takeover movement, Michael Milken’s junk bond empire, and a brash New York real estate developer who claimed to be richer than he actually was. The much-feared top editor was Jim Michaels, one of a generation of newsroom tyrants who were The Devil Wears Prada of their time, but in black brogues, not stiletto heels.

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