Peacock Streaming Ad Revenue Is Good News for Comcast Shareholders

NBCUniversal has booked $1 billion in upfront ad revenue for the Peacock streaming service. Why The Trade Desk (NASDAQ: TTD) could be a hidden winner from Peacock's advertising growth. Motley Fool host Alison Southwick and Motley Fool retirement expert Robert Brokamp talk with author Morgan Housel about the Great Recession, what led to the financial crisis of 2008, and its implications for investors today. Read More...


These Two REITs Could Be Sleeping Giants

The first time I heard the expression “sleeping giant” was when I ran across the supposed quote from Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who wrote in his journal about the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor: “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” That sleeping giant, of course, was the United States of America. After the attack, America woke up to its place in history and the world, and the Greatest Generation used its latent strength to defeat the

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