Powerball Jackpot Wouldn’t Help Zuckerberg, Bezos or Musk Net Worth

The current Powerball jackpot of $1 billion may be an unimaginable number to most people, but it pales in comparison with the losses suffered this year by three of the world's richest billionaires. A tough year for tech giants Meta and Amazon has been magnified by a stunning week of disastrous earnings reports in the sector. Already dealing with a difficult year, shares of Facebook parent Meta have been trading in a challenging environment in part because of increasing skepticism about expectations for its role in the Metaverse. Read More...


Amazon says India’s Appario to stop selling on platform

One of Amazon India’s biggest sellers, Appario, will cease to list products on the shopping website, the U.S. firm said on Monday, after it faced years of allegations from brick-and-mortar retailers of giving preferential treatment to the seller. A Reuters investigation last year, based on Amazon documents, showed the U.S. company gave preferential treatment for years to a small group of sellers including Appario and another one named Cloudtail, and used them to bypass Indian laws. Amazon, which has maintained it does not give preferential treatment to any seller and complies with all laws, agreed to end its relationship with Cloudtail in August last year.

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