Prologis Wins Over Duke Realty in $26 Billion REIT Mega Deal

Prologis' (NYSE: PLD) perseverance has paid off. After months of failed negotiations, the company finally persuaded smaller rival Duke Realty (NYSE: DRE) to agree to a merger deal. The combination will create an even larger behemoth in the real estate investment trust (REIT) sector. Read More...


Bitcoin nears MicroStrategy ‘margin call’ price

Bitcoin neared a price level on Tuesday that could force software firm MicroStrategy Inc to stake more tokens against a bitcoin-backed loan or trigger selling of some of its vast holdings, setting fragile cryptocurrency markets on edge. MictroStrategy, an aggressive investor in bitcoin, said it borrowed $205 million from crypto bank Silvergate Capital in March, with the three-year loan mostly secured against some 19,466 bitcoins. If the bitcoin price dropped below about $21,000 that would trigger a “margin call” or a demand for extra capital, MicroStrategy President Phong Le said in webcast in May.

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