Qualcomm Becomes the Go-to Chip Maker for AI PCs. The Stock Hits a Record.

Microsoft and other makers of Windows PCs announced new laptops Monday that are designed to natively handle artificial-intelligence features. Chips from Qualcomm will power them all. The news boosted Qualcomm shares by 2% on Monday, to a record close of $197.76. Read More...

Microsoft wants to make Windows an AI operating system, launches Copilot+ PCs

Microsoft wants to bring generative AI to the forefront of Windows — and the PCs running it. At a keynote ahead of its annual Build developer conference this week, the company unveiled a new lineup of Windows machines it’s calling Copilot+ PCs, plus generative AI-powered features like Recall, which helps users find apps, files and other content they’ve viewed in the past. Copilot, Microsoft’s brand of generative AI, will soon be far more deeply integrated into the Windows 11 experience. And new


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