Read Stephens’ Analysts Take On Roku – Walmart Partnership

Roku, Inc (NASDAQ: ROKU) and Walmart Inc (NYSE: WMT) enabled a seamless T-Commerce checkout experience for CTV viewers, permitting product purchases to take place in conjunction with an associated advertisement Stephens analyst Nicholas Zangler noted. Roku will likely utilize targeting, optimization, and measurement capabilities to help advertisers deliver relevant, shoppable ads to consumers with a high propensity to respond, Zangler noted. On a shoppable ad, viewers need only press "OK" on the Read More...


Elon Musk Is Furious

Elon Musk is angry. Before getting to the reason for his anger, it should be noted that for more than a decade, from 2003 to almost 2013, the billionaire and Tesla pushed hard for the adoption of electric vehicles despite mockery from rivals and skepticism from financial markets and consumers. Musk and Tesla had, however, found an ear at the White House in the person of Barack Obama, newly elected in 2008.

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