Should You Buy Chewy Stock Before It Goes Back Up?

Chewy (NYSE: CHWY) stock experienced massive growth as the company drove online sales for pet supplies in 2020. Given the discounted stock price, its current value proposition deserves a closer look. Chewy may not appear to offer a significant competitive advantage at first glance. Read More...

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1 Green Flag for Medtronic in 2022, and 1 Red Flag

Medtronic (NYSE: MDT), is a global producer of medical technology and therapies, probably best known for its cardiac devices such as pacemakers — and after two years of sudden, sharp dives in its stock prices, its investors are probably all too familiar with a racing heartbeat. This time, COVID-19’s not to blame, but while the company is waving a green flag for investors, a darker red flag may take time to overcome. In February 2020, Medtronic acquired British AI and analytics specialist Digital Surgery to help bolster Medtronic’s ambitions in robotic surgery.

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