Should You Buy Electronic Arts Stock?

Video game producer Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) has performed well for investors in 2022. The video game industry is attractive for investors because of the ability of the most popular games to keep players entertained and spending money on content updates for long stretches of time. The most important indicator of how well a video game company is keeping players engaged with certain titles is the money they spend on extra content while playing a game. Read More...


Goldman Sachs: Buy These 2 Stocks Before They Jump 90% (or More)

The old stock market axiom to buy when others are fearful could readily apply right now, according to Ashish Shah, chief investment officer at Goldman Sachs. Amid concerns markets will be volatile following Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s Jackson Hole policy speech on Friday, Shah thinks that doesn’t mean investors should stay on the sidelines at present. It’s preferable to buy “when there’s fear in the market,” say Shah. “Don’t fall into the trap of buying when there’s FOMO,” he added. Ag

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