Social media stocks mixed following news that Elon Musk won’t join Twitter’s board

Yahoo Finance Live examines the impact Tesla CEO Elon Musk's opting out of joining the Twitter board has on other social media stocks, and the outlook of Musk's potential influence on the platform going forward. Read More...

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Brazilian pop star Anitta reveals super gross thing that happened when she worked with Madonna

On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Sunday, Brazilian pop star Anitta wasn’t shy about sharing the physical discomfort that came with meeting Madonna. Anitta said that before meeting Madonna to collaborate on the 2019 song “Faz Gostoso,” she was so nervous that it manifested itself in an unfortunate way. “Whenever we went in the studio — first of all, there is a crazy story about that — I was super nervous to see her, right? I was, like, freaking out at first. I mean, Madonna in the studio. I had work, record. I was freaking out,” Anitta said. “Thank God I got there 20 minutes before her, because I was so nervous, it became crazy diarrhea. You know when you get nervous and your stomach starts…” “It’s called Madonnarrhea,” Cohen cut in. “You get it before you’re seeing Madonna.” But fortunately for Anitta and Madonna alike, the symptoms passed before the pop legend arrived. “I went to the bathroom. I was like (acting it out) blah blah blah blah blah blah. And thank God she came after so she couldn’t notice that was happening before she was there,” Anitta said. “And then I pretended it was super fine. Oh, super normal scene.”

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