The cloud boom has hit its stormiest moment yet, and it is costing investors billions

Amazon.com confirmed Thursday what rivals Microsoft and Alphabet suggested with their earnings reports earlier in the week: Cloud-computing growth has finally reached a plateau. Read More...


Jury orders Ford to pay software company $105 million in trade secrets case

A federal jury in Detroit ordered Ford Motor Co to pay Versata Software Inc $104.6 million in damages for breaching a 2004 licensing contract and misappropriating trade secrets. Versata, based in Austin, Texas, said it licensed its automotive software to Ford from 1998 to 2015, helping the automaker’s engineers and marketing agents collaborate on and design vehicles with “seamless real time updates” worldwide. It said Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford began copying its software after growing weary of paying millions of dollars in annual licensing fees, and in 2014 rejected a “final” offer to license Versata’s major software for $17 million a year.

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