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The Fed: Trump’s Fed pick Moore irks senator for calling Cleveland and Cincinnati ‘armpits of America’

Trump’s embattled Fed pick Stephen Moore is drawing flak from a senior Senate Democrat for calling Cincinnati and Cleveland ‘armpits of America’ Read More...
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Stephen Moore, visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, is Trump’s pick for a vacant seat on the Fed

Stephen Moore, President Donald Trump’s embattled pick for the Federal Reserve, got in more hot water Tuesday when it emerged that he had called Cincinnati and Cleveland “armpits of America” during a talk in 2014.

The reported remark has offended Sen. Sherrod Brown, the Ohio Democrat, who is also the ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee, which has jurisdiction over all Fed nominations. Brown is a resident of Cleveland.

In a letter sent Tuesday to Moore, Brown asked for an apology and said his remarks “should be disqualifying.”

Moore has already come under fire this week for columns on women and sports written for the National Review, a conservative publication.

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Moore called the columns jokes.

The White House has not sent Moore’s nomination to the Senate. Moore said it would happen when he completed the necessary paper work.

Trump has already backed off on his choice of Herman Cain, the former pizza chain executive, for the other vacant seat on the Fed board. He announced on Monday that the Cain nomination would not go forward.

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