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The Wall Street Journal: Elon Musk’s request for bot data is ‘absurdly broad’ but Twitter must turn over a subset, judge rules

A Delaware judge ordered Twitter to produce a narrower section of the data requested, including a historical snapshot of accounts that were reviewed by the company to determine the number of spam and fake accounts on its platform. Read More...

A Delaware judge called Elon Musk’s request for years of data about Twitter Inc.’s spam and fake accounts “absurdly broad” but ordered the social-media company to provide a subset of the information in the continuing legal battle over the billionaire’s soured $44 billion takeover.

Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick said in a letter decision Thursday that the request by Musk’s legal team to compel the company to produce “trillions upon trillions of data points” for more than 200 million users was overly burdensome and “no one in their right mind has ever tried to undertake such an effort.”

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