These S&P 500 stocks have cratered, but analysts think 12 can turn it around with rebounds of up to 70%

DEEP DIVE A period of high inflation and rising interest rates has taken out shares of companies with rich valuations. Then there’s the stubborn coronavirus, with variants raising infection rates and causing stocks in travel-related industries to crash after they staged partial recoveries. Read More...


TSMC Stock Jumps. It’ll Spend $40 Billion to Expand Chip Capacity.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Thursday reported a 16.4% jump in net profit for the last quarter of 2021, on a sales jump of 21.2% from the same quarter of 2020. Revenue at the world’s largest contract chip maker (ticker: TSM), and a major supplier of Apple (AAPL) or Qualcomm (QCOM), was boosted by enormous demand for the company’s chips, on the back of increased use of smartphones, home computers, and other technological gadgets during the Covid-19 pandemic. The company’s products are also in high demand for products transformed by technological innovation, such as 5G networks and electric vehicles.

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