These Stocks Have the Advantage in the Advertising Revolution

In this clip from "The Virtual Opportunities Show" on Motley Fool Live, recorded on May 24, Fool.com contributors Jose Najarro and Travis Hoium have an interesting discussion about what the digital advertising ecosystem of the future may look like and what companies will be in the best position to thrive. Jose Najarro: A lot of these kinds of changes that is happening here in the advertising is causing some of these advertisers who slow down on how much they are willing to spend because they're not getting that same type of conversion they used to get before. Then companies are going to be like, well I guess this is the new normal. Read More...

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Why WAVES Is Up 12% Today

In today’s cryptocurrency news, WAVES, the native token of the Waves blockchain, rose 12%, continuing its dramatic increase from the last week, in which it gained over 100%. The Waves blockchain offers good functionality for users and developers alike, and could be a popular alternative to Ethereum soon. The Waves blockchain offers users the services of a non-fungible token marketplace, a cryptocurrency exchange, an NFT-based gaming portal, and much more, supporting decentralized applications and smart contracts.

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