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Top Ten: Weekend roundup: ‘Deadly sins’ | A dire warning about central-bank policy | These states have benefited most from Trump’s tax cuts

Also, taking investors who short Tesla’s shares to task and a comparison of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Read More...

MarketWatch rounds up 10 of its most interesting topics over the past week.

1. Seven ‘deadly sins’ of retirement planning

The baby boomer generation is a very large group, aged 56 to 72. Here are seven mistakes that most baby boomers have made — and MarketWatch readers weighed in with more than 400 comments.

Read: Why everyone should save like they’re going to retire early

Also: Think twice before you write a check to your adult children

2. Pictures tell the story of a possible stock-market ‘tragedy’

Sven Henrich outlines the risk to investors from the failure of the Federal Reserve and other central banks to move away from crisis-era monetary policies.

Another dismal view: Guggenheim says next recession will be less severe — but the ensuing stock market fall will be brutal

3. Is your state a tax winner?

Here are the U.S. states whose residents’ tax bills declined the most after President Trump’s tax cuts were enacted last year. This might surprise you.

4. A stock-market mystery

The stock market has continued to rise as billions of dollars have flowed out of stock mutual funds and ETFs.

5. Beware Tesla’s naysayers

When a professional investor sells a company’s share’s short, he or she is looking to profit if the stock price falls. So it isn’t uncommon for these investors to make public statements attempting to talk down the price. But in the case of Tesla TSLA, -0.07% some of the short sellers are showing “signs of hubris and mob-like overconfidence,” according to Michael Brush.

6. Start thinking about what health care will cost when you retire

Even if you are decades away from retirement, you should read this.

For you, or someone you care about: Starting a new job? How to take charge of your 401(k)

7. Apple vs. Samsung

Jurica Dusmovic owns an Apple AAPL, -0.54%  iPhone Xs Max and a Samsung SSNLF, -3.07%  Galaxy S10+. He compares the phones, and dozens of MarketWatch readers chime in.

8. A fund that makes a lot of money for investors by specializing in IPOs

John Ettinger explains how the Federated Kaufmann Small Cap Fund has achieved stellar performance by buying initial offerings and holding them for years.

Read on: These ‘global champions’ may be your best bet for long-term stock investing

9. How the umps get ‘em wrong

Here’s how (and maybe why) baseball umpires make so many bad calls.

10. A quick spin

This new car will have about four times as much power as a Chevy Corvette Stingray.

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