Tuberville and Pelosi: Two Recent “Well-Timed” Congressional Trades

At Market Rebellion, we call monitoring unusual options activity "following the smart money". Those "smart money" trades might be institutions with access to experienced research teams and trading algorithms, making educated guesses on where stock prices are heading next. Read More...


J.P. Morgan Says Now Is the Time to Pull the Trigger on Energy Stocks; Here Are 2 Names to Consider

Sounding a note of musical irony, Van Morrison sang, “My Mama told me there’d be days like this.” And in an distinctly unironic note, top analysts may start saying the same thing. With rising inflation, rising interest rates, and a falling stock market, we’re in for more volatile days like this. Looking at the big picture from JPMorgan, Dubravko Lakos-Bujas, the firm’s global head of equity macro research, notes the energy crisis – the natural gas shortages in Europe, the high price of oil world

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