Walmart, Netflix Make a Huge Deal Ahead of the Holidays

Retail giant Walmart has been preparing for the holidays and making strategic decisions to hopefully generate sales for the holidays. Walmart has already extended return by dates for holiday exchanges to Jan 31, 2023, allowing customers confidence that if they are early holiday shoppers, products can still be returned or exchanged well after the holiday. Walmart also launched Walmart Land and Walmart's Universe of Play with the Roblox , the metaverse mega-platform with over 52 million daily users. Read More...


Target Gives Apple Fans a Holiday Gift

Target has been preparing for the holiday shopping season, since, well, the end of last holiday shopping season. Target announced its return of Target Deal Days for a couple of days in October this year. Previously, Target Deal Days, ran against Amazon’s Prime Day in July, kind of like a Christmas in July special savings event for shoppers mid-year.

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