Walmart+ vs. Amazon Prime: ‘Convenience is something consumers value,’ analyst says

TD Cowen Senior Research Analyst Oliver Chen joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss Walmart’s battle with Amazon and how the rail giant is aiming to attract customers to its online subscription service Walmart+, consumer trends, and the outlook for Amazon as it pushes brick-and-mortar strategy. Read More...


Tesla 4680 battery’s secret sauce: Dry electrode coating

The dry process, which Tesla obtained via its 2019 acquisition of California startup Maxwell Technologies, replaces a traditional, complicated step of battery manufacturing that involves coating the electrode foil with a wet, chemical slurry. The coated foil needs to go through a lengthy drying process before final assembly, and the toxic solvents used in the slurry need to be recovered and disposed of. The electric vehicle maker has said the dry coating process has the potential to dramatically reduce the size, cost, energy consumption and production cycle time of battery manufacturing plants, while boosting the energy density and power of battery cells.

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