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The Telegraph

Joe Biden abandons pledge to govern for all America as one-term president rushes through laws

Joe Biden has been accused of abandoning his commitment to governing for all Americans as he rapidly pushes through policy in the face of an increasingly hostile Republican Party. As the president approaches his first 100 days in office, he is pushing for bills on everything from climate change to tax hikes to police reform. But his failure to reconcile with Republicans has even taken some in his own party by surprise. One moderate Democrats close to Mr Biden said he had become too eager to please the Left wing of his own party at the expense of attempting to heal the divide in a post-Trump America. “He has been pushed to the left, there’s no question about it,” a source close to the US president, who has known him for years, told The Sunday Telegraph. “He’s the biggest ever vote getter in history but he’s being very deferential to the progressives. It’s like he’s asking permission from them. He’s not treating it like he won the biggest election in history. He should be leading the pack, he should be telling them what to do, and they should be accepting what he tells them.”

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