What Investors Might Have Missed About Netflix

What Ted Sarandos said on the call that many investors may have missed. Motley Fool producer Ricky Mulvey and Motley Fool senior analyst Asit Sharma take a closer look at Monster Beverage, its eye-popping returns so far this century, and where it could go from here. To catch full episodes of all The Motley Fool's free podcasts, check out our podcast center. Read More...

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Twitter changes stoke Russian, Chinese propaganda surge

Twitter accounts operated by authoritarian governments in Russia, China and Iran are benefiting from recent changes at the social media company, researchers said Monday, making it easier for them to attract new followers and broadcast propaganda and disinformation to a larger audience. The platform is no longer labeling state-controlled media and propaganda agencies, and will no longer prohibit their content from being automatically promoted or recommended to users. Together, the two changes, both made in recent weeks, have supercharged the Kremlin’s ability to use the U.S.-based platform to spread lies and misleading claims about its invasion of Ukraine, U.S. politics and other topics.

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