Why activists love Salesforce

The software group is an activist’s dream: a very large company with an outstanding core business that is goofing around on the periphery and has a weak valuation as a result. It’s been this way for a long time, but there is no entry point for activists when a company’s stock price only goes up, as Salesforce’s did between 2004 and late 2021. The activists main complaint is that Salesforce’s margins and valuations are too low. Read More...


‘Load Up,’ Says Raymond James About These 3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks

For more than a year now, the markets have been preoccupied by the Fed with the focus squarely on inflation’s trajectory and the central bank’s counter measures of rising interest rates. “With this in mind,” says Larry Adam, Chief Investment Officer at Raymond James, “it is understandable that the market is analyzing every development in these two dynamics within the framework of what it means for the Fed.” However, with the spotlight turned solely on those factors, Adam thinks increasingly prom

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