Why Fastly’s Stock Is Gaining Today

The edge-computing company's stock price gains are likely a result of the company announcing yesterday that its next-gen web application firewall will be offered on Amazon's Amazon Web Services. The company said in a press release, "Fastly's addition to the AWS Marketplace allows businesses to quickly and efficiently access its WAF through a unified billing and procurement process, providing superior and comprehensive protection to fast-evolving tech stacks." Read More...

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Cathie Wood Buys the China Dip With This E-Commerce Stock

In fact, JD’s results were so good that ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood, after selling her Chinese stocks earlier this year, bought some shares following the company’s second-quarter earnings report. While new regulations may temporarily affect the revenue and earnings of many internet and e-commerce companies, JD.com doesn’t see these new measures affecting its business very much. In the second quarter, JD’s net revenue increased 26.2% to $39.3 billion, which was especially impressive since the company was lapping a strong quarter last year during the onset of the pandemic.

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