Why Microsoft Stock Jumped While the Market Slumped Today

Investors were encouraged by the announcement of a new advancement in the artificial intelligence (AI) business it's involved in, plus the tech giant's latest dividend declaration. Microsoft is a leading shareholder of privately held OpenAI, developer of the white-hot AI program ChatGPT. While Microsoft does not steer OpenAI's business, it is heavily involved in the AI company. Read More...


Microsoft lays off an ethical AI team as it doubles down on OpenAI

Microsoft laid off an entire team dedicated to guiding AI innovation that leads to ethical, responsible and sustainable outcomes. The cutting of the ethics and society team, as reported by Platformer, is part of a recent spate of layoffs that affected 10,000 employees across the company. The elimination of the team comes as Microsoft invests billions more dollars into its partnership with OpenAI, the startup behind art- and text-generating AI systems like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, and revamps its Bing search engine and Edge web browser to be powered by a new, next-generation large language model that is “more powerful than ChatGPT and customized specifically for search.”

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