Why Shopify Stock Cratered on Thursday

Shopify rolled out new algorithms in mid-December that resulted in several updates. In addition to minor changes to image requirements, it also included significant modifications to how the platform recommends apps that help fill out Shopify's robust ecosystem. Many developers pay for advertising to drive traffic to their apps in Shopify's App Store. Read More...

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Why Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) Stock Is Surging Today

Shares of chip giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (NYSE: TSM), better known as TSMC, were trading higher on Thursday after the company reported earnings that beat estimates. As of 11:30 a.m. ET today, TSMC’s shares were up about 6.5% from Wednesday’s closing price. Amid an ongoing global shortage of semiconductors, TSMC is going big — really big: The company expects between $40 billion and $44 billion in capital expenditures (capex) this year, upgrading and expanding its manufacturing capacity around the world.

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