Why the “Experts” Are Wrong About Stock Picking

Warren Buffett believes that individual investors are better off investing in low-cost index funds to mirror the market and ensure long-term profits than trying to pick stocks on their own. Fund managers and financial advisors would certainly prefer it if you trusted them with your money, rather than yourself. For retail investors who have been making big bets on struggling businesses like Hertz or GameStop in the hopes that they'll make a fortune on them, they might be better off not picking their own stocks. Read More...

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Where Will ARK Genomic Revolution ETF Be in 5 Years?

Technology improvements and cost reductions in genetic testing and therapies are making it possible to diagnose, treat, and even cure devastating diseases. ARK management believes these advancements are ushering in a “Genomic Age” that could create trillions of dollars in equity market capitalization by 2024. To take advantage of these trends, the ARK Genomic Revolution ETF (NYSEMKT: ARKG) invests in companies proving to be “leaders, enablers, and beneficiaries” of CRISPR (a gene-editing technique), targeted therapeutics, bioinformatics, molecular diagnostics, stem cells, agricultural biology, and healthcare innovation.

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