Dow Jones Futures Rise With Market Rally’s Hyper Rotation Waning; Amazon Near Buy Point As Tesla, Nio Rebound

The market rally is heating up as volatility calms down. Amazon leads three top techs near buy points. Tesla and Nio are on the move. Read More...


3 “Strong Buy” Stocks Under $10 That Can Rip Higher

Every investor wants to see his stocks pay off – or he wouldn’t be in the markets. But finding the right investment, the ‘one’ that will bring in the high returns, can sometimes be challenging. A smart investor will apply a few basic, common-sense rules – and stick to them. One of the basic rules of investing is “buy low, sell high.” This will naturally bring us to the low-cost, small-cap side of the stock market. While big names get the headlines, the small-cap stocks offer the highest returns.

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