Dow Jones Slides After Stock Market Sell-Off; 7 Key Earnings Movers

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped Friday following Thursday's stock market sell-off. American Express and Verizon were among the earnings movers. Read More...


Shoppers at some Whole Foods can now pay with their palms

After debuting the Amazon One device, which lets users pay with their palms, to Whole Foods stores in Seattle last year, Amazon is bringing the payment system to its first Whole Foods store in Austin this week and plans on adding the tech to six more locations in the region. To opt in, shoppers must scan their hand over the Amazon One device, which uses algorithms to capture and encrypt the biometric data of their palm—similar to setting up Face ID to unlock your iPhone. In its term of use, Amazon said it receives information on the customer’s biometric data and on purchases, reflecting how tech companies continue to find new ways to collect personal data in exchange for convenience.

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