Filings reveal Amazon’s plans to test retail robots under Seattle Macy’s building

"Project Lucy" records don't say where the company will deploy the technology, but Amazon has launched a new brick-and-mortar venture focused on clothing and apparel. Read More...


Accel backs Produze to help agri-producers in India export globally

Accel has led a $2.6 million funding in Produze, an Indian startup that is attempting to help local agri producers sell to international retailers, the latest in a series of bets as investors and entrepreneurs look to bring efficiency to supercharge one of the world’s largest agri producers. “We are helping agri-producers to reliably access international markets where they can make more margins for their produce,” said Ben Mathew, who previously worked at Ninjacart, a Flipkart-backed startup that operates a business-to-business platform to connect farmers, manufacturers and brands to retailers. Mathew teamed up with former colleague Gaurav Agrawal, entrepreneur Rakesh Sasidharan and Y Combinator alum Emil Soman earlier this year to start Produze.

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