Google DeepMind CEO Says Some Form of AGI Possible in a Few Years

Speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival, Demis Hassabis cited the need to develop artificial general intelligence responsibly. Read More...


Pfizer Will Shift Focus to Dividends and Share Buybacks, Execs Say

The big pharma company Pfizer has been on an M&A hot streak over the past couple of years, digging into its Covid-19 vaccine and therapeutic windfalls to go on a big-ticket buying spree. “What we believe is going to happen now that we start to harvest the investments that we made in business development transactions,” Pfizer Chief Financial Officer David Denton told Barron’s, speaking shortly after the company reported first-quarter results that beat Wall Street expectations. “Shareholders prefer some level of share repurchase, and we’ll be able to do that as well.”

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