Is Netflix About to Raise Streaming Prices in America?

The Consumer Price Index is up 6.5%, and other companies are passing on the cost to their customers -- but will Netflix follow suit? Here's what you should know before Netflix reports earnings next week. Read More...


Tanking Biotech Stocks Will Mean a Big Year for Deals. Who Could Benefit.

Nearly two years after biotechnology stocks began to tumble, executives at small and midsize companies in the space are finally accepting that share prices aren’t bouncing back anytime soon. With reality setting in, it’s a buyer’s market for companies looking for acquisitions and partnerships, according to many of the pharmaceutical and medical technology executives who gathered at this year’s J.P. Morgan healthcare investor conference, which wrapped up in San Francisco on Thursday. “We’re getting lots of calls from companies that literally we talked to six months ago,” says Geoff Martha, CEO of Medtronic (ticker: MDT), a medical device manufacturer.

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