Magnificent Seven? Just Two Members Meet This Earnings Criteria

Ultimately, earnings drive share prices. Only two Magnificent Seven stocks, and a third megacap, meet this triple-25% growth standard. Read More...

Bank of America Predicts up to ~200% Surge for These 2 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks

New indicators of a cooling economy eased inflation concerns, driving the S&P 500 to record highs last week. The index, which dropped around 4% in April, is now up 11% for the year. Will this momentum continue? Savita Subramanian, head of US Equity and Quantitative strategy at Bank of America, believes it will. She’s taking an upbeat stance on the current market outlook, and backs it with a look at long-term results from the past 300-plus quarters. “20 were recessionary, 13 were stagflationary,


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