Sundar Pichai Scores Massive 2022 Payday

Google's top boss is no doubt searching for words. Last year, Alphabet awarded CEO Sundar Pichai a total compensation package worth $226 million,... Read More...


Return to pandemic hunger levels could signal economic fragility

More than half of the shelves at the Atlanta Community Food Bank are bare, in part because of supply-chain issues, but mostly because demand for food assistance is as high as it was during the COVID-19 pandemic, the nonprofit’s executives said. “Nobody anticipated this,” said Debra Shoaf, chief financial officer of the private charity, which relies on corporate and individual donations, as well as government grants, to distribute food to the hungry in 29 Georgia counties. Shoaf, who also serves on the finance steering committee for the national charity Feeding America, says she’s hearing similar reports across the United States.

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