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Top Ten: Weekend roundup: Where should you move? | What it means when everyone loves Amazon | Tough quarter for Tesla

Also, a deeper look at GDP and retirement planning advice. Read More...

MarketWatch rounds up 10 of its most interesting topics over the past week.

1. Set your own rules for a retirement destination list

MarketWatch’s new retirement-location tool enables you set your own rules to generate a list of desirable places customized for you.

2. What does it mean if every analyst rates Amazon a ‘buy’?

Tomi Kilgore explains the risks and opportunities associated with Amazon.com AMZN, +2.54%  as a stock with a perfect set of 45 “buy” ratings from analysts. Here are other stocks that are similarly loved.

Amazon earnings coverage:

Amazon profit doubles to a record high

Amazon to give Prime customers one-day shipping, cutting free delivery time in half

This is what Amazon gets out of its relationship with Kohl’s

3. Tesla: What a difference two quarters can make

It might seem like ancient history, but in the third quarter, Tesla TSLA, -5.04%  reported a tremendous increase in sales of its Model 3 electric car and $881 million in free cash flow. But after reporting a particularly difficult first quarter, Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk said “there’s merit to the idea of raising capital at this point.”

More on Tesla’s painful results:

Tesla’s earnings were a ‘debacle,’ says longtime bull in scorching commentary

Elon Musk keeps moving Tesla’s finish line

Elon Musk is just another car salesman

Barron’s: How to Invest in Tesla While Avoiding the Elon Musk Drama

4. A tip for air travelers

Here’s how you might save a quick $90.

5. A look behind that impressive GDP number

A first-quarter GDP growth number of 3.2% is good news. Then again, the underlying numbers aren’t so pretty.

6. Tech stocks to consider buying

Michael Brush says it is time to buy tech stocks — here’s his list.

7. Spread the word

Kevin O’Leary has sound and simple advice to young adults who wish to improve their finances.

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8. What happened to 3M

Shares of 3M MMM, +0.50%  dropped 13% on Thursday — the worst decline for the stock since the market crash of 1987. Here’s why.

9. Why are drug prices so high?

Here’s why Americans pay so much for medication.

10. Social Security’s problems and solutions

The Social Security Administration’s trustee report shows the agency’s payouts will exceed its revenue next year. However, while this makes for frightening headlines, the situation isn’t as bad as you might think.

Related: State-sponsored retirement plans will help more people prepare for old age — why do they have so many critics?

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